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Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio Encourages Paramount Chiefs to Lead by Example, Says the Authority, Power and Respect of Chiefs Must Not Decline 

Tihun, Southern Province, Monday 2 January 2023 – His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio has called on the newly crowned Paramount Chief of Sogbini Chiefdom to lead by example for the social progress of his society, saying that society must never allow their authority to dwindle.

He told the coronation ceremony of P.C. Prince Lansana Wonnie Bio V at the Tihun town field in the Bonthe District, “As a paramount chief, you should always advocate for the development of your people. You should provide quality leadership that will create a positive impact on the people”.

The President also recalled that before his government came to power in 2018, the power, respect and authority of Paramount Chiefs were declining, noting that they had gradually reversed the seemingly waning powers of the traditional leaders.

His government, he said, was doing its best to support all Paramount Chiefs across the country, while also urging them to support government’s activities in their chiefdoms.

“On behalf of my family, I thank the people who voted for the newly crowned Paramount Chief of Sogbini Chiefdom,” he said and further expressed his gratitude to his people.

First Lady Madam Fatima Bio said the newly crowned Paramount Chief, who was traditionally being handed over to his people on that day, was a good man, adding that he would need the support and cooperation of his people.

“The chieftaincy has returned to the Bio family. This is where the crown belongs because the Bios are the rightful owners of the chieftaincy in Sogbini Chiefdom,” she said.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Tamba John Sylvanus Lamina, said the people of Sogbini Chiefdom had elected one of theirs to become a Paramount Chief.

“Chieftaincy has customs and traditions. The role of Paramount Chiefs was to maintain law and order at the chiefdom level. However, that is now changing because President Bio is involving them in the governance of the state, which has brought back their respect and dignity.

“Last year, President Bio invited all Paramount Chiefs to State House where he handed over electronic tablets to enable them to monitor the implementation of Free Quality Education, a flagship government initiative. This is one of the new roles of Paramount Chiefs,” he said.

He advised the new chief to rule his people fairly and work with the chiefdom committees.

P.C. Prince Lansana Wonie Bio V responded by assuring the President and Minister that he would rule his people justly.

“I have left my career in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces to come and serve my people. Now that I’m here, I want to embark on farming. Our people are predominantly farmers and we just need help from the government to farm,” he said.

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