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Voters in Small Bo Chiefdom Assure Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio of Historical Votes, Dissociate from Claims by Some Opposition APC Members

Blama Town, Kenema District, Thursday 1 June 2023 – Voters and residents of Blama Town in the Small Bo Chiefdom, Kenema District in the eastern region of Sierra Leone, have expressed their unconditional willingness to vote for the Presidential candidate of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party, SLPP, Julius Maada Bio, in the 24 June elections.

During a well-attended chiefdom engagement at the Ahmadiyya Secondary School Field, the flagbearer, who is also President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, appreciated the mammoth cheering crowds of voters from all the five sections of the chiefdom, emphasising that he had always considered his visits as part of his regular working engagements with his people across the country.

Bintu Koroma, the chiefdom women’s leader of Small Bo Chiefdom, said they were frustrated to have been told of news that was making the rounds on social media, alleging that a certain member of the opposition All People’s Congress, APC, said the entire chiefdom had thrown their support to the APC.

“I was shocked to have heard such misinformation. It is a complete misrepresentation of our chiefdom and that we, the people in Small Bo Chiefdom, do not and have not supported any other party, other than our party, the SLPP.

“Since the birth of democracy, this chiefdom has been one of the strongholds of the SLPP, come rain come shine. So, how can we suddenly, so suddenly, change from that to supporting a party that has no tangible presence in our district? Because of that misleading information on social media, we, the women, are going to ensure President Bio scores the highest number of valid votes ever in the history of our chiefdom,” she assured.

Honorable Musa Peter Moigua said the days of the polls are numbered and that in the shortest possible time, Sierra Leoneans would judge whether or not the information that Small Bo Chiefdom had fallen to the opposition APC was true.

“That was an insulting word in the first place to claim or even allege that the so-called APC Jagaban has transformed the chiefdom from supporting SLPP into supporting APC. This is ridiculous. There has never been a time when APC secured 10 percent of valid votes cast in this part of the country. So, where did the sudden change come from?” he questioned.

“As a chiefdom, we are sending a message to the rest of our Sierra Leonean compatriots that Small Bo Chiefdom has never supported the APC party and will never support the so-called APC party. We are a development-oriented chiefdom. We knew exactly what we wanted, and if not for all the reasons, the obvious is that all the registered voters in the five sections in the chiefdom are going to vote for President Julius Maada Bio,” he concluded.

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