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Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio Says He is Filled With a Deep Sense of Pride and Hope for Nation on International Literacy Day 2023 on International Literacy Day 2023

Today, as we celebrate #InternationalLiteracyDay2023 with the theme: “Promoting Literacy for a World in Transition: Building the Foundation for Sustainable and Peaceful Societies”, I am filled with a deep sense of pride and hope for our nation.

#Literacy is the bedrock upon which we build a brighter future, and as we commemorate #LiteracyDay, we must reflect on the progress we have made and the path we must continue to tread.    In the past 5 years, we have established strong foundations and pillars upon which the future of #SierraLeone will be built by investing massively in #education, anchored on radical inclusion.  

Education is a fundamental human right, and literacy is its cornerstone. It is the key that unlocks doors to knowledge, empowerment, and opportunities. Education equips us with the tools to understand the world, make informed decisions, and contribute to the development of our beloved Sierra Leone.  

My Government has implemented various progressive policies and programmes to improve access to quality education, especially for our children. We have built more schools, trained more teachers, and provided learning materials to ensure that every child, regardless of their background, has the chance to learn.  

#InternationalLiteracyDay serves as a reminder of the work that remains ahead. We must remain committed to the cause of education, ensuring that every Sierra Leonean has the opportunity to #read, #write, and acquire the skills necessary for a brighter future. As we celebrate this day, let us also acknowledge the importance of lifelong learning.

Literacy is not just a goal for our children; it is a lifelong pursuit that enables us to adapt to an ever-changing world. It is through continuous learning that we can address the challenges of the present and seize the opportunities of the future. Happy International Literacy Day!

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