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The President

Brig. Rtd. Julius Maada Wonie Bio, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone

Supreme Head of State and Grand Commander of the Order of the Republic

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

Fountain Head of Unity, Honour, Freedom, and Justice

On May 12th, 2018 H.E. Julius Maada Wonie Bio was inaugurated as the 5th President of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Born on May 12th 1964 in Tihun, Sogbini, Bonthe District, Julius Maada Wonie Bio is one of 35 children born to Paramount Chief Charlie Wonie Bio II, Sogbini Chiefdom. 

H.E. President Bio completed his primary, secondary and undergraduate education in Sierra Leone. Always driven by a passion to serve his country. H.E. President Bio started his illustrious public service journey as a school teacher before joining the Sierra Leone Army where he rose through the the ranks as Brigadier. He previously served as Chief Secretary of State, Chief of Defense Staff, Minister of Information, Minister of Marine Resources, Deputy Head of State and ultimately as Head of State of Sierra Leone from January to March 1996. 

State House

The State House is the principal workplace of the President of Sierra Leone. The State House is located at State Avenue, Tower Hill, in central Freetown, Sierra Leone. The State House is often locally referred to as the seat of power.

Presidential cabinet meetings and other meetings including those with visiting foreign heads of state and international delegations are all held at the State House.

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