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Opinion: Restructuring Our Debt Will Help Us Fight the Food Crisis

Financing the transformation of our food systems unlocks myriad other development outcomes beyond healthier diets, including boosting youth employment and rural livelihoods. It would also ensure the sector keeps its own carbon emissions in balance with our climate mitigation targets under the Paris Agreement.

This makes financial sense, moral sense, and common sense. Now is the time to put tackling the food crisis at the top of the global agenda.

Concessional loans can support countries such as Sierra Leone to restructure our existing high-interest debt — the servicing of which currently eats up a heavy share of the government budget — avoid future defaults, and encourage more investor confidence to jumpstart critical sectors such as agriculture — even with the potential for us to become a future contributor to the world food supply chain.

Read the full piece here at Food Secured — the series that explores how to save the food system — where experts share groundbreaking solutions for a sustainable and resilient future.


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