President Koroma visits museum of Islamic Art in Doha

During his two-day visit to the State of Qatar, President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma and delegation visited the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Doha where he was taken on a conducted tour of the majestic building. The president was accompanied by the Qatari Minister of Energy and Industry Dr Mohamed bin Saleh Al Sada and the accompanying delegation including the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr KaifalaMarah, Minister of Transport and Aviation Leonard Balogun Koroma, Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs Sidie Yayah Tunis and Minister of Youth Affairs Bai Mahmoud Bangura among others.

During the tour, President Koroma was acquainted with the collection of antiquities and Islamic artifacts, comprising rare treasures of heritage including books, manuscripts and coins made of silver, bronze, and copper, as well as crafts made of glass, ivory, textiles, wood and precious stones, and collectibles collected from three continents dating back fourteen centuries. For instance, calligraphy was held in very high esteem, and its practice shaped some of the most fundamental elements of Islamic art. The obsession with this art form resulted in the development of different scripts and methods of decorating surfaces.

The president was also acquainted with the stages of development of the museum and its role in spreading science and culture, encouraging creativity as well as communicating with the cultures and arts of the world. After the tour, President Koroma signed in the museum’s golden record. He described the museum as impressive, educative and historic, saying that it was indeed a place to visit.


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