President Koroma attends Bai Shebura Lion Kathena coronation

By State House Communication Unit

While attending the grand coronation of paramount chief of Mambolo, Bai Shebura Lion Kathena II, on Friday 15th December, President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma said the customs and traditions of the communities must be preserved before they are lost. The coronation ceremony, which included the enthronement of 18 chiefs, was held at the Mambolo town field in Kambia district.

The president called for collaboration among the chiefs and urged them to use their various positions to work with government to deliver development in their localities. He commended the people of Mambolo for their tolerance and sustenance of peace and unity in the chiefdom and urged the youth not to ignore their traditions for the sake of WhatsApp.

 President Koroma also used the opportunity to officially commission the Mange – Mambolo road and instructed the Roads Maintenance Authority to start work on the Wala road.

Ambassador Alimamy P. Koroma, in his welcome address, thanked President Koroma for attending the coronation ceremony and cautioned the people of Mambolo to remain focused and vote solidly for the re-election of the APC party. He praised the Leader and Chairman of the APC for setting a very good example for the party.

 Former paramount chief, P.C. Somanoh Kapen II said President Koroma is leaving a lasting legacy with a record that clearly shows that he has worked for the country, adding that President Koroma is the only head of state that is leaving office with no political prisoners or detainees. He described the APC presidential candidate Dr Samura Kamara and running mate Hon. Chernor Bah as the perfect choice for the forthcoming elections.

 Chief Kapen II thanked the president for his transformational developments, and pointed out that Dr Samura Kamara is set to take the country to the next level – middle income status.

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