Performance Management and Service Delivery Directorate (PMSD)


Background and mandate

The OCOS was borne out of the vision for an office that will be dedicated to supporting the effective execution of the President’s Agenda for change, now rolled out into The Agenda for Prosperity through providing the necessary collaborative links and support to MDAs to meet targets. It provides technical oversight and advisory services to the Presidency for the implementation of projects contained in government’s priorities as set out in the President’s Agenda. It is also a facilitator between the presidency and parliament, development partners, the international community, extra political and non-profit groups and all non-state actors.

To do this work, the OCOS requires a number of competent persons and units. To ensure the overall change initiative of government delivery of much needed services across all regions of the country and across government; improving on public sector performance, the PMSD was created in the OCOS.

The scope of the work of the PMSD covers;
1.1. 24 Ministries of Government
2.2. 19 Local Councils; District, City and Municipal
3.3. 2 Public Universities
4.4. 5 Polytechnics
5.5. 26 State Owned Agencies (SOEs) up to 2014 and 20 to be grafted into the system in 2015
This extensive public sector landscape is covered by the PMSD in collaboration with the SPU and other public sector reform agencies across government.

The role of the PMSD includes the following objectives:

  • Use performance contracting as a catalyst to reengineer key Government processes, through institutionalizing the system in the public service so as to achieve the goals of the A4P.
  • Build a results oriented culture within government through robust planning, reporting and data generating processes to achieve national goals and targets.
  • Use the performance contracting system to create an M&E; system to assist public service leaders to champion change in the use of and value for public resources.
  • Facilitate the delivery of priority projects drawing on His Excellency’s political will to ensure efficient delivery.
  • Facilitate better coordination and collaboration across government including between delivery, finance and people.
  • Rate and facilitate the raising of performance among MDAs through the annual analysis and ranking systems and helping public sector performance through capacity building.

The work and mandate of the PMSD is expected to lead to a series of public sector reforms including;

  • A more productive, effective and efficient public sector
  • Improved public service delivery
  • Empowered citizenry able to demand quality and timely services
  • Enhanced management capacity of the public sector
  • A critical mass of  public service managers that can apply  acquired  skills  in public performance in their MDAs
  • Timely delivery of projects and agreed targets
  • More coordinated and sector lead approach to public service delivery across government.
  • Long term; development of Sector standard performance monitoring and reporting
  • Overall service delivery improvement across the public sector