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Pay No Heed to Armchair Critics Like Kalilu Totangi

By Jarrah Kawusu-Konte

Latest cumulative figures of Ebola as published by the National Ebola Response Center (NERC) suggest Sierra Leoneans need to do more in the fight against the spreading virus that has hamstrung social life and whacked our economy. What's more, even if all the treatment centers were to be completed and staffed right now to receive all confirmed cases of Ebola, translating that into immediate containment and eradication of Ebola will be a tough slog for especially this year, made all the harder by the sustained coterie of denials and an incredible adherence to traditional rites and practices. To reverse this state of affairs requires every true citizen of this country to redoubling his/her efforts to break the chain of transmission of the disease.

The British, the Chinese, the Americans, the Cuban, the Koreans, Germans, EU, UNMEER and many other players on the international scene have come in big to help contain this outbreak which struck at a time when this government was engrossed in the implementation of the Agenda for Prosperity following a successful roll out of the Agenda for Change (2007 – 2012).

Ebola Outbreak: Can our support make a difference?

By Jaramenajara and John Koroma

It is indeed true that the Ebola disease is new not only to Sierra Leone as a country but also the sub-region and handling it therefore need not only considerable time but effective collaborative efforts.

Government has undoubtedly fulfilled its required obligations in addressing this strange and challenging health menace with prudent measures. One of the amazing initiatives put forward by government was that of Ebola fund raising campaign which individuals, organizations, cabinet ministers and almost every well-meaning citizen of this country have contributed to see that we bring an end to this terrible disease once and for all. The enthusiasm and determination shown by President Koroma in the fight against the Ebola virus disease is apparently incomparable to any other president in the sub region especially his counterparts in the Mano River countries where the virus has claimed unimaginable souls. It’s no mistake to say that President Koroma’s unequal determination and frank approach to bring an ultimate end to Ebola helped moved world leaders into unavoidable actions and commitments to contain the outbreak.

Ebola and Our Caregivers

By Jaramenajara and Joseph Joskam

The ongoing Ebola outbreak has prompted many to ask serious questions about whom primarily the horrific disease would strike. The questioned posed by Lauren Wolf, Columnist for Foreign Policy Magazine: “Why are so many women dying from Ebola?” is quite apt and instructive.

According to her, data show that many infectious diseases affect one gender more than the other. “Sometimes it’s men, as with dengue fever. Sometimes it’s women generally, as with E.coli, HIV/AIDS (more than half the people living with the virus are female), and Ebola in some previous outbreaks. Sometimes it’s pregnant women and mothers, as with H1N1 (an outbreak in Australia is currently infecting women over men by a 25 percent margin).”

Sierra Leone has Never Exported Ebola

By Jaramenajara and John Koroma

Panic is escalating in the west as the first Ebola patient succumbed to the disease two weeks ago in Dallas, Texas. The man had traveled from Liberia to the US and this wasn’t the first time someone slipped through the tight security measures at airports around the world. The late Sawyer also traveled from Liberia to Lagos, Nigeria where he died. The case of the Guinean student who traveled to Senegal also readily comes to mind in terms of the exportation of Ebola across national borders and frontiers.

Unlike neighboring Liberia and Guinea, Sierra Leone since the outbreak of the dreadful disease in March this year, has never exported a single Ebola patient to any country in the world. Though Ebola is peculiar in Sierra Leone and treating it needs expertise and much needed equipment and medical supplies, yet infected persons of the disease have always been treated in the country and no case has ever been reported of exportation of Ebola to another country. All Ebola cases have been treated in Sierra Leone and with good number of survivors comparatively exceeding the Ebola worst hit countries of Guinea and Liberia. For this, we must give credit to our local frontline health workers and doctors.

Sierra Leone Hailed in the Fight against Ebola

By Jaramenajara and Thullah Wise

hailA French expert in tropical diseases, Michel Gonza, has stated in an exclusive interview with Radio France International that Sierra Leone is in the right direction in the fight against Ebola taking into consideration the level of social mobilization, sensitization and the public response associated with the “Ose to Ose Ebola Tok Campaign” organized some few weeks back.


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